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Listed Property Insurance

Specialist Home Insurance for Listed, High-Value and Unique Properties

Listed Property Insurance, part of the Playle Russell (Special Risks), specialise in providing insurance and contents cover for properties that are listed, period, high-value and/or of unusual design.

We can cover any grade of listed buildings. Our experienced team strive to surprise and delight by providing the best possible cover available at a premium that will not break the bank. Every home we insure is rated on its own merits, which means that you won’t be receiving a ‘one size fits all’ policy, but a comprehensive, individually created policy that strives to be 100% relevant to your property and it’s needs.

We are privileged in insuring some of the finest examples of vernacular architecture in the UK, from town and country mansions, Scottish castles through to the once modest thatched and timber framed dwellings of the Yeoman farmers. Working with private homeowners as well as banks, building societies and insurance brokers, our portfolio covers almost £1 billion of the UK’s most prestigious properties.

With Listed Property Insurance specialists, you can expect to always receive honest and practical advice from experienced industry professionals, whose sole purpose is to ensure the best cover, service, and knowledge for you. Your property is one of the most important things in your life, so it always worth seeking sound, trusted advice.

To find out more about our Listed Property Insurance services and our comprehensive insurance policies, please get in touch with us today.


“We have a GII thatched cob / chalk block / rubble and brick built cottage in Dorset. Having had the run around with various well known firms (saying they could not cover for variety of reasons and or wanting to charge an extortionate amount) we found Tom Barclay at Thatchline / Playle Russell extremely competitive, professional, efficient and an all round pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!”

-David & Nicki

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Almost £1 Billion worth of prestigious properties insured in the UK

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